Roast leg of lamb



Roast Leg of Lamb

  • 1.8‚Äì2.2kg whole leg of lamb, bone-in
  • grapeseed oil
  • salt


Preheat the 4K BBQ by placing 150g charcoal on top of the charcoal grid. Press the fast flame ignition and wait for 7 minutes with the hood open.

Aim to preheat the 4K to ambient temperature of 100-130C. Monitor the ambient temperature and top up with no more than a small piece of charcoal at a time, only if required to reach the ambient temperature.

Season the lamb with grapeseed oil and salt before cooking. With both high grills in place, insert the meat probe into the centre of the thickest part of the lamb leg and place the lamb onto the high grill. Aim for an ambient temperature of 100-130C by topping up the coals and adjusting the vents as needed.

Once the lamb has reached a core temperature of 58C, remove it from the grill and place on a cooling rack set over a tray. Cover with foil and leave to rest.

Top up the coals with 250g charcoal and allow to fully-ignite with the hood closed, allowing the ambient temperature to increase to 280C.

In the meantime, coat the lamb with grapeseed oil and season with salt again. Brown the lamb on the hot grill bars with the hood closed for 5 minutes, or until golden and crisp.

Allow the lamb to rest of 8 minutes before carving. Do this by holding the leg by the bone vertically in front of you. Trim the meat from either side of the bone so you are left with two large pieces. Slice each piece (while flat-side down) across the grain using a sharp knife. This will ensure maximum tenderness.